is an invitation of [krieg] into the gallery Larspalm.
For this project we’ve got the support of Konstfrämjandet.
I built Symbiose at Larspalm during one week.

The height of the space was 2.54 meters and the lenght of the wall
varied between 6 and 2 meters.

digital print on paper and textile, acrylic, oil, acrylic-spray,
ecoline and ink.

Sandviken, Sweden


photos : © Jonas Nyffenegger




« Abigail Janjic is interested in the status of the image in the midst of the digital era. In her artworks the frenetic consumption of images is translated into a colourful visual impression, a dynamic and multivision artwork. At Galleri Larspalm, the patterns are repeated, enlarged, shrink, and mixed with what is still called paint today; acrylic, oil and ink. Her work questions the differences and relations between printed pixels and spread pigment. How malleable are the digital when confronted with physical qualities? Could the experience of 2D be expanded into a 2,5D experience? Abigail´s artwork is often made as large-scale ephemeral installations. The artwork Symbiose is a communication in the space of LarsPlam, between two patterns printed on textile and paper. The patterns, used as a malleable material are made out of pictures downloaded from the internet, as well as scanned images. In Abigail practice, patterns are viewed as independent systems, organisms existing separately, like several macroscopic units with different properties. »
Karin Bäckström and Abigail Janjic

Press in swedish related to Symbiose : Gefle dagbladet and Arbetarbladet